Limbert Style Tables
Art & Crafts Lighting

Phillip Myer

Stained Glass and Mica Lamp Options

Stain Colors

Burnt Embers Stain Color
Burnt Embers
Fumed Dark Oak Stain Color
Fumed Dark Oak

Fumed Nut Brown

Limbert's Number 8 Nut Brown
Ebonized Oak
Ebonized White Oak

Turtle Skin Green Stain Color

Stained Glass Lamp Colors

Light Amber Stained Glass

Medium Amber Glass

Dark Amber Stained Glass

Frog Skin Green Glass

Opal Ring Mottled Glass

Cobalt Blue Stained Glass

Coffee and Mustard Stained Glass

Mica Lamp Colors

Amber Mica

Stained Amber Mica

Dark Amber Mica

Silver Mica

Stained Silver Mica

Acorn Pull Chains

Brass Pull Chain

Acorn Pull Chain

Real Acorn Pull Chains

Oak Leaf Medalions

Oak Leaf Medalions

Oak Leaf Medallion