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Mission Style Holland Reading Lamp

Mission Sytle Holland Reading Lamp

This Reading lamp is a little taller than the table lamp version, it stands 26 inches tall and measures 19.25 x 19.25 at the shade. Pictured here using premium green mottled art glass and Limbert's #8 brown stain color. (Premium art glass is an option and costs a little more than the mica shade panels)

This old school shade is lap jointed throughout and set with replaceable panels. Please use the links below to see the different stain colors, and shade panel options. The dual pull chain electrical cluster takes 60-watt bulbs, and the cord is high quality braided cloth. The lamp is a new creation by Ragsdale circa 2001, and the design draws from common fundamentals of the Craftsman, Arts, and Crafts, and Mission movements.

The slag glass in our lamp shades panels is handmade here in the USA. We can use many different types of stained glass, some of which are Kokomo streaky glass which is still hand rolled today in Kokomo Indiana just it was during the Civil War.

We also like to use Mottled art glass which was originally invented by Louis Comfort Tiffany for his lamps in the 1930's. The famous glass of Louis Comfort Tiffany is no longer made by Tiffany, but it is now reproduced by Uroboros, Wismach and Bulls-eye stained glass companies here in the United States.

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