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Prairie Craftsman Desk Lamp

Prairie Craftsman Desk Lamp

The Prairie Craftsman Desk Lamp is a design originally commissioned for Saint Paul Lutheran Church in Green Bay Wisconsin in late 2007. It was designed to fit on a small alter, but also intended to fit on a desk. It stands 20 inches tall, and the shade is 12 inches deep by 18 3/4 inches wide. It is about 14 inches from the bottom of the mica shade to the desk top. The 2 solid brass electrical sockets are newly made in the Edison style. A patina has been carefully applied to all solid brass lamp parts so they will look old. The pull chains are 8 inches long, and you can choose from solid brass pulls, or real acorns. The real acorn lamp pulls are at a slightly higher cost than the brass pulls because of extra time taken to process them.

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