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Limbert Style 238 Mission Arts and Crafts Tabourette Table 26-27 Inches Tall

Limbert Style 238 Tabourette Table 26-27 Inches Tall

This very organic Charles P. Limbert design and has a top that is 16.5 inches in diameter and is 26-27 inches tall. Starting in the 1880's the Limbert Co. only offered them in this height with the 3/4" thick top, so this is more of a true reproduction than the others we have designed that are shorter or taller. All tables are made of 100% solid quarter sawn white oak. The stain we use matches the finish of the originals that were built over 100 years ago.

One thing you will notice about our work in the finish. The dark color appears to shine, but with a flat silky feel to it. The feel is very organic and waxy, not like you are touching a plastic surface, but rather the wood itself. When sealed correctly quarter sawn oak will last for centuries, because it is a very stable wood, the second hardest wood found naturally in the USA outside of hickory.

This Tabourette is 26-27 inches tall and has a top that is 16.5 inches in diameter that is 7/8" thick. Options for this table include two top thickness. The standard top thinckness is a little more than 3/4" thick, and the second top is about an 1 and 1/4" thick. So the standard tabourette is going to be about 26 inches tall, and the one with the thicker top will be closer to 27 inches tall. Signed by the craftsman Phil Myer.

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238 Tabourette Top Options for 26 or 27 inch
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